WE consists of creative event producers who share a passion for producing rare experiences that bring people together by fusing design, production, talent and media. WE is a full service travel and events agency specialising in end to end project management with the ability to handle every single element of your event, providing one of the most streamlined services in the industry.

The process


WE know that collaboration is key, if you want to plan a truly original event then two heads are always better than one. Our team are the experts at turning small sparks of brilliance into fully functioning ideas which will give you the results you are looking for.



Once a concept has been decided on, WE will take the reins and begin to formulate all of the necessary requirements to make your event happen.

Our Secret: No matter how big you want to go with your event, we have unique experiences for you. Get in touch to find out all about our secret world of immersive and bespoke events.


Working with our trusted production partners, WE have years of industry experience under our belt and know exactly what is required for your project.



The power of jaw dropping headliners, talented entertainers and fresh talent, suited to the taste of your audience can be a huge draw and we have the best talent bookers in the industry at our disposal.


Flawless delivery is vital in the success of any event. Our team of event experts will be with you every step of the way, including on site.


behind the scenes logistics

Now here’s what we can do which really sets us apart from other event management companies.

Travel Solutions: From return luxury coach travel and Eurostar group bookings, to chartered flights and private transfers – WE handle every element of travel you require.

Accommodation: Our accommodation experts will provide a variety of options for local accommodation for your entire group to suit a range of budgets.

Experiential Extras: If you want to elevate your event then activities which are unique to your surroundings are a great way to do so.

Media: We work with the highest standard of media partners who specialise in Festivals & Live Events (Tomorrowland, Reading & Leeds, Snowboxx, El Dorado, Summer Solstice) to record your event so the memory lasts forever.

Staffing: We have a team of 500+ freelance event staff specialising in a variety of areas who can be there on the ground to provide the right level of customer service on the ground.

Client Welfare & Security: WE work with only the best in security and client welfare and can provide this as standard.